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The SKOV Academy hosts several webinars every month with the help of the best experts in the field. You can watch recordings of our former webinars on SKOV Cognitio – Learning Hub.

If you want to participate in future webinars, feel free to contact your local SKOV sales contact, who will then ensure that you get an invitation.

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Why ventilation and the value of the correct temperature

Webinar by Tommy H. Krogh, Poultry Specialist

Poultry Controller DOL 539 User Interface Close Up

During the webinar, you will learn how SKOV systems can lead to a better climate and production, resulting in higher profit.

Tommy talks about

  • Breeders and broilers genetics
  • Main reasons for good climate
  • What to do right to get top results
  • Birds' climate demands
  • How brooding is important to uniformity
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