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Natural air cleaning with microorganisms

Pig producers are constantly facing rigid requirements as regards reduction of ammonia, odour and dust emissions, and there is high emphasis on reducing environmental impact.

In order to meet the more rigid restrictions from authorities, SKOV has developed Farm AirClean, a system for biological air cleaning that reduces odour, dust and ammonia content in the house air.​



  • ​S-list (Belgium)
  • VERA Verification
  • DLG SIgnumtest (DE)
  • Japan
  • RAV list (NL)
  • Technology List (DK)​​
Bio Flex
Great flexibility and minimum maintenance

Bio Flex is a flexible system for those of you who would like to optimise your investment and operating costs in relation to the regulatory requirements imposed on you. The house air is cleaned as it is led through a series of filters that are sprinkled with water. The filters are covered by a biofilm consisting of bacteria and microorganisms that transform ammonia and odorous materials. This process removes dust, odours and ammonia. This actually reduces the ammonia content in the outgoing air down to 1 ppm​.

When the cleaning effect of the filters is reduced, the water is emptied into the slurry tank and can be used as an extra fertilizer on the field, and clean water is added to the unit.


A Bio Flex unit can be delivered in lenght up to 50 metres 


​The Bio Flex air cleaning unit can be used for plant lengths from 2 to 50 metres, and the system is characterised by:​


  • Capacity from 10,000 to 360,000 m3/hour with the same controller
  • Length of the system ranging from 2 to 50 metres 
  • Biological air cleaning 
  • Optimum investment in relation to the regulatory requirements 
  • Different levels of odour reduction (2 or 3 filters) 
  • ​Sturdy and reliable construction requiring minimum maintenance


​The unit is easy to maintain and fitted with a powerful washing robot. The system is served with a computer ensuring optimal regulation. Operating data can be gathered using FarmOnline®, which meets the requirements of the international VERA protocol.


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Farm AirClean


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