Farm AirClean - BioFlex
Biological air cleaning

BioFlex is based on the principle of air cleaning by the meter. The system is very flexible, and the farmer can optimize investment and operating costs concerning current requirements from authorities.

We have emphasized that the pig producer should not spend too much time cleaning and maintaining the system. BioFlex comes with a patented washing robot. The washing robot has a sturdy and reliable construction that minimizes daily maintenance.

In addition, we optimized the utilization of the filter area in the air cleaner BioFlex 1 2 using an air distribution plate. This way, the conditions for the bacteria were improved significantly. It makes it easier for the bacteria to convert the odorants and ammonia content in the housing air, thus obtaining the maximum cleaning effect.

BioFlex is characterized by air cleaning through large filter areas, resulting in a low pressure loss. The dust-reducing function in the air distribution plate works with the automatic washing robot to ensure that the pressure loss through the filters is always as low as possible.

Consequently, the operating costs for ventilation have been minimized compared to other filter-based air cleaning systems.

If the statutory requirements for the pig producer state that ammonia emissions need to be limited, partial cleaning can be an option to optimize the investment.


  • Biological air cleaning – no use or handling acids
  • Reduction of odor, ammonia, and dust
  • Reduction of ammonia down to 1 ppm
  • Automatic cleaning of filters – less manual work
  • Optimum investment in relation to the regulatory requirements

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