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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​  Powerful and efficient air outlet from SKOV In a ventilation system from SKOV, air is exhausted from the livestock house through chimneys or wall fans. We provide the most robust and efficient ventilation systems in the market, and we will be happy to create a solution to fit your needs exactly. check also Farm ma​nagement solutions Better litter with lighting SKOV history​ChimneysPowerful and energy-efficient solution SKOV's aerodynamic exhaust unit combines a robust chimney with an efficient, powerful, energy-efficient fan. The air outlet unit design ensures maximum air output with low energy consumption. It is also very robust and long-lasting, whatever the climatic conditions. The unit is suitable for almost all types of livestock houses and can be installed on the roof or the side of the house. The chimney is available in several colour options and can be supplied with accessories, e.g. drip trays.​   SKOVs powerful and energy-efficient exhaust unit in a broiler houseHigh performance, low energy consumption The energy-efficient fan in the air outlet unit features high pressure stability, making it less sensitive to wind, a major advantage at minimum ventilation where strong wind action could influence the air volume. The fan emits limited noise and has been especially developed for the chimney, giving you a powerful, low-energy fan.  Close Wall fansThe best high-capacity fans on the marketWall fans are ideal as additional capacity for large houses, or where large air volumes are required. When the air requirement exceeds a certain level, one or more of the wall fans can be activated to supplement the chimneys. Alternatively, all air can be let out via wall fans. Wall fans are often installed in Combi-Tunnel and Tunnel-ventilated houses in tropical/subtropical regions.  High-capacity fans mounted in a broiler house BlueFan - the next generation of wall fansBlueFan combines a high airflow ratio with a high energy efficiency. This makes it the most powerful fan on the market. It excels in the unique airtight motorized shutter system, among other things, and the fact that it is very silent when in operation.     CloseD​​​​​​ynamic MultiStepOptimum climate and low energy consumption​ Modern agriculture has a strong focus on lowering energy consumption, and ventilation in particular is an area ripe for significant improvement. For the past many years, SKOV has worked on developing solutions for optimal conditions for animals in livestock houses that are also energy saving.   ​​Energy-efficient and effective solution with LPC fans from SKOVMore fans and less power consumption​SKOV has developed the control principle Dynamic MultiStep, using much less electricity to exhaust air from livestock houses. Dynamic MultiStep starts fans up at 50% of their maximum performance, and only where additional ventilation is required will the fans be stepped up in parallel to as much as 100% performance. The advantage of coupling several fans is that they all run at reduced output, thus using less power.​Save 40% on energy ​A test undertaken in a Danish livestock house with 40,000 broilers showed that the producer saved 40% after one year of using Dynamic MultiStep together with our effective exhausting units. That is, an annual power consumption per broiler of just 0.3 kWh. ​ CloseDownload​ ​​​Energy-efficient ventilation for poultry  ​​​BlueFan - the next generation of wall fans Close​ ​

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