Remote Access

The Remote Access module provides the option to obtain a 100% identical display and operation of all climate and production controllers connected to the network.

The module provides the daily user of the climate and production controller the possibility to set all parameters of the controllers in the livestock house even when he is not physically present on the farm.
You can complete the settings from a known user interface, which enables you to operate the climate controller with confidence and thus minimize the chance of errors.

Remote Access also enables a service technician or a supervisor to instruct and guide daily users in the climate and production controller operation from the same user interface and perform servicing and problem-solving in the climate and production computer.

Displays and changes occur in real-time only with time delay caused by the internet connection.


  • Same operation by you - in the house or the office
  • Safety in operation - avoid errors
  • Service technician or adviser guide you remotely

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