iDOL 65 camera weighing
No manual weighing of pigs

iDOL 65 camera weighing is an integrated part of SKOV's ProGrow system.

Manual weighing of finisher pigs is challenging and time-consuming. ProGrow weighs the pigs via a camera mounted above one or more of the pens in the house. An algorithm analyzes the images and determines the pigs' weight.

The camera weighing system provides the farmer with valuable information about the current average weight of the pigs in a pen and the dispersion in the pigs' weight. It enables the farmer to respond to the factors affecting the pigs' growth.


  • No manual weighing of the pigs
  • Weighing data based on 24/7 365
  • Real-time is always available for the management system
  • No mechanical scale in the pen
  • Cost-effective solutions – easy to implement in most pens

Technical Information:


Installation examples

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