DOL 9940 feed weigher
Feed portions up to 40 kg

DOL 9940 is a feed weigher that weighs portions of 10 to 40 kg. The weigher is applicable in livestock houses to ensure accurate weighing of feed consumption, and it features a dust-proof housing with an internal weighing system.

Depending on the controller connected to DOL 9940, it can combine the supply of various feed components.

If a distribution shutter is part of the setup, DOL 9940 can supply feed to two feeding systems. The distribution shutter is a power-operated shutter, which distributes feed from DOL 9940 to feed system 1 or 2.


  • Designed for harsh and dusty environment
  • Weighing of very high precision
  • The design renders feed mixing possible
  • Easy access for cleaning


Feed distribution shutter, inlet funnel for 3 or 5 components

Technical Information:


Installation examples

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