PEF improvement of 6% with Trend Warnings

In January 2021, SKOV A/S and an integrator in the Middle East agreed on a trial with a duration of three consecutive rotations. It was based on the new broiler production optimization service called Trend Warnings.

Two farms with six SKOV houses on each were easily set up for the trial. Managers and farm workers were informed how to use the service and understand the daily feedback from Trend Warnings.

Trend Warnings works by monitoring the feed and water intake in every house. Feed and water intake is a clear indicator of the birds’ welfare, so whenever a flock’s intake deviates from expected, the system will give a warning.

Poultry specialists from SKOV had two meetings with the integrator for each of the three rotations to discuss the warnings activated by Trend Warnings and the reactions to these warnings. It resulted in daily production management changes.

At the end of the trial, which lasted from January to June 2021, they compared the production performance to performance before the trial:

  • On farm 1, PEF went from an average of 284 to an average PEF of 298 after the third rotation. An improvement of 14 PEF points = 5%
  • On farm 2, the average PEF went from 290 to an average PEF of 308 after the third rotation. An improvement of 18 PEF points = 6%

During the same period, the number of activated warnings also developed in a positive direction:

  • On farm 1, the average number of activated warnings per house decreased by 38%
  • On farm 2, the average number of activated warnings per house decreased by 66%

Farm 1, house 1 at the beginning of the trial. The birds' feed consumption deviates from the reference curve and Trend Warnings gives several warnings.

Farm 1, house 1 at the end of the trial. After introducing Trend Warnings the feed consumption follows the reference much closer and there are fewer warnings given.

The genetic material and the used feed type did not change during the trial.

The PEF improvement was made from February to June 2021. The climate conditions on the subtropical location got harsher during that period, so the improvement was obtained during challenging weather conditions.

Here are some of the actions carried through to get to the improved performance:

  • Trend Warnings made the employees have even more focus on the daily production performance
  • They adjusted the water pressure downward a couple of times
  • They started using the feed program available in the SKOV controllers to have less drastic changes from one feed type to the next

Trend Warnings in short:

  • It is based on an adaptive reference and not a standard reference, as all flocks perform differently.
  • It continuously monitors the broilers' feed and water intake.
  • The daily intake is compared to the adaptive reference, and warnings are activated if sufficient deviation occurs between the adaptive reference and the actual intake.
  • It is visual, simple to understand, and suggests what to do.

Do you want to know more?

Trend Warnings will be offered to a limited number of fast-growing broiler customers from April 2022 and is part of the new FarmOnline+ cloud solution from SKOV.

In case you are interested in knowing more about Trend Warnings, please contact:
SKOV A/S, Jes M. Rasmussen, Product Manager, Online Services. Mail: [email protected]