Trend Warnings

The Trend Warnings app helps optimize batch performance by reacting faster to intake deviations.

It continuously monitors the broilers' feed and water intake.

A unique thing about Trend Warnings is that the app works with an adaptive reference. The adaptive reference is adjusted accordingly if a batch of broilers performs better or worse than expected. The adaptive reference is thus batch-specific and not based on standard references. The focus is thereby moved to what is really happening in the batch instead of relating to a standard reference.

The Trend Warnings app generates warnings and notifications if discrepancies between the adaptive reference and the actual situation occur.

In the event of deviations, the Trend Warnings app offers suggestions on what the producer can do to return to a state of optimum production.


  • Faster reaction to nonoptimal intake deviations – performance improvement
  • Adaptive reference and warnings that give an accurate overview of the batch performance
  • Suggestions about improvements in case of poor production performance



BF 50 BlueFans in the Middel East

PEF improvement of 6% with Trend Warnings - Case store from the Middle East

A large integrator in the Middle East has tried Trend Warnings for six months on two of his broiler farms. The PEF improved 5% and 6% on the two farms and the number of warnings and issues significantly decreased during the period.

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Broilers on floor

Value on all levels - Case story from Oceania

One of the largest poultry producers in Oceania has used Trend Warnings with great success. They were able to identify and correct several production challenges:

  • Mechanical problems in the sheds
  • Human errors in settings
  • Effects of diet change or blending
  • Identification of flock health issues

“It's a tool we can use on the farm that gives us real-time crucial information daily” - Farm Manager with 27 years of experience.

“Trend Warnings is an excellent tool to help us deliver a great product (…)” - Assistant Farm Manager with 26 years of experience.

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