Better performance after fan replacement
A customer case from the Philippines

MPR Farm in Quezon, in the Philippines, has recently replaced some of their existing fans with new BF 50 BlueFans. The change has been a significant upgrade, and now, after three batches, the farm has seen substantial improvement in fan performance and durability.

Air photo of MPR Farm in Quezon, in the Philippines

MPR Farm, part of Bettina Farms, Inc. has seven houses and produces 170,000 broilers per batch – the farm owner decided to start with replacing the fans in three of his houses.

A much-needed upgrade

The farm manager experienced many issues with the old fans, including overheating and frequent repairs. The fans needed service between each batch to work. The most common problems were:

  • Need for rewinding
  • Need for lubricating
  • Replacement of bearings
  • Replacement of belts

The repairs were getting very costly and time-consuming after every batch, and the farm manager was tired of wondering when the next part would break and needed replacement.

Easy one-to-one replacement

The farm manager decided to start replacing the existing galvanized box fans from 2015 with new BF 50 BlueFans. The 50-inch fans are delivered assembled, so they are easy to place in the holes from the old box fans. The farm manager was very pleased with how quick and easy the replacement was; it took about an hour per fan to remove the old fans and only 20 min to install the new ones – including wiring.

Reliable fans

After three batches, the farm manager is very pleased with the new fans and considers replacing the fans in the remaining houses. The fans are much more powerful and extract more air than the previous ones, even without cones. Most importantly, the farm manager no longer fears breakdowns and costly repairs. He now trusts that his fans run smoothly every day, creating the optimal conditions for his broilers.

Do you consider upgrading your fans?

The BF 50 is ideal for replacement in existing houses. The 50-inch fan arrives assembled, making it easy to install. The installation is so fast that it can be done between batches to avoid downtime.
The BF 50 BlueFan is available with an air-controlled or motor-controlled shutter and with or without a cone. The motor-controlled version ensures that the shutter remains in its correct position – even in strong wind. It also closes tightly when not in use and enables an emergency opening.


  • High performance at low energy consumption
  • Non-corrosive materials – no rust or need for frequent replacements
  • Pressure stable – no problem in windy areas
  • The motorized shutter is airtight and well-insulated – no draught or false air intake
  • It is available in stepless (0-100%) variants and ON/OFF variants
  • It arrives assembled
  • It fits in the existing 50-inch holes in your livestock house
  • Reuse the existing electrical installation and controller

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