BlueFan is even better than expected


Impressive tests and happy test clients

As always, we have had the needs of our customers and the animals in focus when developing our new wall fan. We have put a large effort into testing the BlueFan in test centres but also in real livestock houses before we presented it to our customers. It is important that they can trust our solutions and feel secure using them.

Less energy consumption and lower noise level
Bluefan is tested in livestock houses in Thailand, Australia and Saudi Arabia and the results have been very positive. Despite the fact that the BlueFan uses much less energy than the ones in the reference house, we have observed, that the fan is less noisy thanks to the unique design. That results in a better environment for the birds and the people working in the livestock house.

Bess Lab performance tests

BlueFan has been tested at Bess Lab which is a research, product-testing and educational laboratory in Illinois. Bess Lab provides performance test results for agricultural ventilation fans and has tested the different variants of BlueFan which has resulted in 24 test reports. Below you see some of the impressive test results from BESS Lab. The figures are for 3x400V, yet other variants are available. Please visit Bess Lab’s website for more information.

Could BlueFan be the solution for you?

If you find BlueFan interesting but are wondering if you could benefit from installing in BlueFan, you can compare your own production with the calculations in our case story below.

Case story

A broiler producer from Manilla, Philippines, with 40 000 broilers of 2 kg considers investing in new fans for his livestock house ventilated with Combi-Tunnel. 

Today he ventilates the livestock house with 10 DB 1400 1.5 HP fans and he would like to know if he can reduce his energy consumption by installing BlueFan and what is the ROI?

The producer pays 0.10 €/kWh so his yearly savings amount to 3800 €. This means his investment in BlueFan is paid back within 30 months.

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