FarmOnline+ for decision makers


Focus on business development

Broiler companies that own several farms on several locations can access data to get a complete overview of their farms, enabling them to develop their businesses further. Daily priorities and long-term strategies can be viewed at a glance, contributing significantly to the efficiency of the production processes

Why FarmOnline+
Overview, analytics, and report

FarmOnline+ provides the management at broiler companies with trustworthy, validated, and filtered data from an unlimited number of farms apart from a complete overview of production at all levels – farms, regions, and worldwide. Also, the management can initiate quick action in case of irregularities on any farm regardless of location and improve production and business development based on reliable real-time data.



SKOV's FarmOnline+ gives a complete overview of a farm, making further growth and development of your business possible. Production results can be compared from head office by farm and livestock herds. It provides a unique opportunity to monitor implemented measures. SKOV's FarmOnline+ also gives a clear overview of which farms are performing best. The data gained can be used to optimize results on other farms. You can also export data to other programs and share it with feed suppliers and vets, for example.



No concern about IT infrastructure or operations! No time is spent on collecting data owing to the systematic electronic transmission system. Instead, the time can be spent on analyzing data and developing the business.

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Real-time data
No manual processes


Data are transferred directly from the controller to the management’s PC at headquarters. Data are in real time and not influenced by any manual processes that can cause errors and lower the data’s validity.




Value chain
Data from other parts of the value chain

Data can be sent to the owner’s business data management system. Here, FarmOnline+ data is integrated into data from other parts of the value chain, such as a feed mill, a hatchery, or an abattoir.




Other farms
Data from farms without SKOV equipment

Data for FarmOnline+ is collected from farms supported by the local FarmOnline. If the owner manages farms without a SKOV system, relevant data from these farms is collected via a Gateway. Thus, farm owners can get a complete overview of all farms.







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