In the production of weaner and finisher pigs, feed amounts to approx. 70% of all costs, so it is vital to keep track of feed consumption. Also, the shift from one feed mixture to another can influence the feed intake and thus the pigs' growth.

FarmOnline contains a production module for ProGrow, where the producer gets a complete overview of FCR, feed, water, and daily growth via one single screen. Via the "traffic light" color codes, the producer can quickly assess the situation. If everything has a green status in relation to the references, he can quickly move on to other daily routines.

The user works with real-time data. It means that the consequences of a change in the feed mixture are immediately visible, and it is possible to correct quickly if the development is not as expected. ProGrow is thus the producer's tool for optimizing the shifts between the feed mixtures.

An optimum feed conversion ratio is key to profitable finisher production. FarmOnline and ProGrow support the user with real-time information about the production status.


  • Optimize shifts between feed mixtures
  • Quick overview - spend time on the animals, not in the office
  • Observe deviations before they have consequences




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