Filters for air filtration system
Improve your biosecurity

These filters are used in our air filtration system.

The filters in the system filter incoming air and reduce the risk of airborne diseases such as PRRS and Mycoplasma. An air filtration system consists of two filters: a pre-filter (G4/MERV 8) and a main filter (F9/MERV 15 or E10/MERV 16).

The main filter is made from fiberglass and the unique design ensures that the required air supply requirements for the house are met.

The filter repels water, oil, hydrocarbons, and salt, while the plastic frame is corrosion resistant.
The filter wall must be able to withstand a pressure of 50 kg per m2.



  • Minimized risk of all types of airborne viruses
  • Part of a positive pressure system that will prevent unfiltered ventilated air from entering the livestock house
  • Fiberglass frame – corrosion-free

Technical Information:


Installation examples

Pony Chen, General Manager of CHWIN Farm Division.

Case story – CHWIN Farm, China

CHWIN Farm in Huai'an in the Jiangsu Province in China has installed a positive pressure air filtration system from SKOV. CHWIN Farm Division has 20,100 sows and a total of 44 houses.

At CHWIN Farm Division, they take biosecurity very seriously and felt that an air filtration solution was the best way to minimize the risk of diseases. “The health level of the boar station is very important for the smooth operation of the whole farm. The air filtration system prevents the transmission of airborne diseases like PRRS, PED, swine fever, PR, and other diseases, this helps us to maintain the boars and semen negative and improve the production performance of sow herd – we feel that the air filtration system is well worth investing in” says Pony Chen, General Manager of CHWIN Farm Division.

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