Wall inlet filter
reduces the risk of contamination

The filter box for mounting on the wall inlet is designed to be used together with the DA 1200 wall inlet series. There is an energy-efficient fan in each filter box, which presses the ambient air through the filters and into the house by means of positive pressure.

The positive pressure in the livestock house minimizes the risk of unfiltered air entering the house through leaks, doors, windows, etc.

The infection risk of airborne diseases such as PRRS, Mycoplasma, etc. is reduced significantly when you filter the ventilation air. Each filter box holds two filters. A prefilter (MERV 8/G4) and the main filter (MERV 15/F9 or MERV 16/E10).

The main filter is made of fiberglass and efficiently removes sources of infection from the airflow. The filter is designed for use in farming applications, such as pig farms.

The wall filter inlet may be installed in new houses or retrofitted in existing houses.



  • Minimizes the risk of airborne diseases
  • Can be installed in new and existing houses

Technical Information:


Installation examples

Installing wall inlet filter, Hatting

Case story – Hatting, Denmark

In the fight against airborne diseases, Hatting A/S is installing air filtration systems on their 10 facilities in Denmark. SKOV delivered the wall inlet filters, including the filters from AAF International, the world's largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions.

"It's the solution that fits best with our houses and has the most well-documented effect", says Per Nyby Pedersen, CEO at Hatting.

Hatting is Europe's largest producer of boar semen for artificial insemination. The company operates ten facilities in Denmark and has some of the world's best boars at its disposal. Hatting has over 3,000 boars and sells around 4.5 million semen doses a year.

Read more about the case here.

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