The survey module provides a comprehensive overview of climate and production data for an unlimited number of farms and houses. The overview displays real-time data without any delay.

The module allows the user to create an applicable overview image that best gives an overview of a larger number of livestock houses.

Typical productivity figures such as FCR, PEF, water and feed ratio, mortality, weight, etc., are available if the climate and production controller provides the necessary data. Via the "traffic light" color codes, the producer can quickly assess the situation. If everything has a green status, he can quickly move on to other daily routines.

The module provides an excellent overview that helps the owner or manager of several production sites allocate his resources optimally, focusing on the sites that do not perform optimally and utilizing the knowledge from sites that do perform.


  • Many houses - compiled overview
  • Use the skilled labor optimally
  • Use good experiences from one farm on other farms

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