DOL 27 feed sensor
Handling of grain and other feedstuffs

DOL 27 is a complete range of 30mm sensors for feed detection.

The capacitive feed sensors ensure efficient and seamless handling of grain and other feedstuffs.

DOL 27 has easy trimmer adjustment on a single-turn 240° trimmer.

The adjustment of iDOL 27 is easy using the SmartAdjust app. The sensor's sensitivity can be fixed or adjusted using a trimmer or the SmartAdjust app to suit different types of feed.

Very low power consumption in off-state enables sensors to work in parallel on the same contactor. It is a unique possibility for controlling cross-auger systems.


  • Hardened design for agricultural applications
  • Smooth and threaded housings are available
  • Perfect for detecting on cross-auger systems


Adapters and glands

Technical Information:


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