DA 175 actuator
For all kinds of air intake

DA 175 actuator is developed for controlling different kinds of air inlets. As for tensile force, it is available in various versions and is applicable in all installations - both small pig sections and large poultry houses.

DA 175 is fitted with direct pull on the inlets, making installation simple and reliable.

The DA 175 actuator is available as a 24V variant, facilitating emergency opening. The emergency opening setup can be stepless or ON/OFF.

The actuator is fitted with LED lights. The color of the LEDs indicates the operating status of the DA 175. If the actuator is accidentally changed to manual operation, the LED signal will light, and the producer can see that it needs switching back to automatic operation.

The actuator is made of maintenance-free materials resulting in no maintenance costs once installed.


  • For accurate regulation of all kinds of air inlets
  • LED indication for operation status
  • 24V version for emergency opening
  • Maintenance-free and long durability


Mounting plate

Technical Information:


Installation examples

DA 175 actuator

Pigs Interlinking DA 175 Actuator

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