Production Efficiency Factor (PEF)

Production Efficiency Factor (PEF) in Episcope.

The red area on the graph shows the lowest performing 25% broiler producers and the number 236 shows the highest PEF of these lowest performing 25%.

The green area on the graph shows the top 25% performing broiler producers and the number 389 shows the lowest PEF of these top 25% producers.

The latest batch had a farm average of PEF 324. The blue line shows the position of the PEF 324 compared the to all the other participating SKOV farms in Europe.   

The #8 in Europe tells that this broiler farm has the 8th. highest PEF in Europe among producers with SKOV systems. 

You can click the link Learn more to get more detailed knowledge of each single of the tree latest batches in case you have such a long production history. Will be explained in more detail further down.

When clicking the link Learn more this graph will appear:

Production Efficiency Factor (PEF) details page in Episcope.

To the left you see the average PEF of 324 from the latest batch of this farm.

Below this you see the range of PEF measured. The three vertical lines shows the avg. PEF of the latest three batches. The blue line shows the avg. PEF of the farm in question. The dotted green line shows the avg. PEF of the top 25% producers and the dotted red line shows the avg. PEF of the lowest 25% producers.  When crossing the mouse over these vertical lines the exact average PEF of the farm in question, the top 25% and the low 25% will be shown for that batch.

The #8 shows the rank of the farm in question and the red arrow shows that this farm has dropped down on the benchmarking rank since the second latest batch.

You can also see the total number of farms taking part in the benchmarking, which is 29.

This is a visual presentation of the location of this broiler farm on the overall avg. PEF benchmarking among 29 farms in Europe. It shows there are many producers almost at the same level which means that small improvements can lead to a much better position on the benchmarking rank.

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