BF 50 BlueFan
Tested and optimized for the Asian market

In 2020, we launched a new wall fan in our BlueFan series called BF 50. The 50-inch box fan is a perfect solution for newly built houses and as replacement fans in existing houses.

Testing is crucial

Before launching new products, we always ensure that the product is tested in relevant production environments to ensure that you receive quality products.

AMCO GROUP, which has a pig production farm of 2,800 sows close to Bangkok in Thailand, has for more than 20 years been one of SKOV's trusted partners for testing before launching new products.

Mr. Suphanut Jiebna, Operations Director of AMCO GROUP.

"It is essential for a company like ours to constantly keep up with new technologies and optimize our farm equipment so that we can deliver high-quality piglets and fattening pigs at low production costs," says Mr. Suphanut Jiebna, Operations Director of AMCO GROUP.

Perfect for renovations

The BF 50 fan is ideal for renovations. The 50-inch box fan fits into the existing fan holes, and often, you can reuse the existing electrical installation and controller.

"Replacement of the traditional box fans with BF 50 took place without problems – both in terms of any mechanical and electrical challenges," Mr. Suphanut continues.

Optimal quality

Traditional box fans, made of galvanized metal, require replacements at regular intervals due to corrosion as they are exposed to the harsh environment in the livestock house.

In contrast, the BF 50 is made of thermoplastic and stainless steel – non-corrosive materials that, by far, better withstand the harsh environment in a livestock house.

"Our experience is that traditional box fans must be replaced approximately every four years as they rust. Since BF 50 is made of plastic, we expect a much longer product life, as plastic is not affected by the harmful substances in the exhaust air," Mr. Suphanut says.

Mr. Suphanut also appreciates the direct driven motor of the BF 50 and sees obvious benefits: "The motor and fan blades are directly connected. There is no driving belt or other moving parts that require replacement and adjustment at regular intervals," says Mr. Suphanut.

Motor-controlled shutter

For optimized climate and animal welfare, AMCO GROUP has chosen the BF 50 with motor-controlled shutters. The motor-controlled versions ensure that the position of the shutter, remains in its correct position, even in strong wind. It also enables the use of an emergency opening.

"Our experience is that the centrifugal clutch, which opens the shutter in traditional fans, must be replaced at 12-16 month intervals. We avoid this replacement here," Mr. Suphanut says.

The shutter is insulated and closes tightly, protecting against condensation and false air intake when the fan is not running.


BF 50 combines minimum energy consumption with a high airflow ratio. The pressure-stable design enables the fans to run efficiently under all weather conditions. It always ensures optimum climate conditions in the livestock house.

"We did not collect data about energy consumption for BF 50 versus other fans, but it immediately seems that in our setup, it is at least as energy-saving as similar energy-optimized fans on the market," Mr. Suphanut concludes.

The BF 50 can be regulated according to the Dynamic MultiStep® principle.

"Tests in large poultry houses in Oceania show a 35-50% reduction in power costs compared to traditionally ventilated houses. When the BF 50 is used in combination with the Dynamic MultiStep, the customer gets the most energy-efficient ventilation system on the market," says Rasmus Ellefsen, SKOV Managing Director for SKOV Asia.

SKOV and AMCO GROUP shaking hands

From right:

Mr. Suphanut Jiebna, Operations Director of AMCO GROUP

Dr. Sermsak Jiebna, Owner of AMCO GROUP

Mr. Rasmus Ellefsen, SKOV Managing Director for SKOV Asia

Mr. Natthanasit Khambanlue, Head of SKOV Sales Thailand.

The BF 50 is the new generation of wall fans, setting new standards for outstanding performance, remarkable efficiency, and low wind susceptibility. The savings on electricity costs using the Dynamic MultiStep option with the BF 50 fan ensure a quick return on investment and an ongoing reduction in energy consumption.

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