Control of feed, water, weight, egg, and light

To deliver the best results, one must continuously follow production and take corrective actions if productivity takes an expected course.

During breeding, it is important to monitor growth and uniformity and ensure the correct amount of feed. It is essential to achieve optimal growth and uniformity of the animals.

During egg production, it is crucial to monitor egg production, manage food distribution, and monitor animal feed intake and weight. One or more electronic egg counters automatically count the produced eggs. It is also possible to record the floor, system, and nest eggs.

The production controller ensures accurate dosing of feed for both males and females. The feed is weighed out and supplied in pan or feed chain lines with many destinations.

Controlling animal behavior means providing them with the right amount of light in the right places at the right time.


  • Continuously monitoring and controlling the production
  • Advanced feed program for the complete batch
  • Advanced feed program securing optimal egg production
  • Water monitoring and control – quick reaction in case of irregularities



Essentials in breeder production

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