Control of feed, water, weight, and light

To deliver the best result requires the ability to monitor production continuously and take corrective actions if it takes an unanticipated course.

SKOV's production controller has production modules adapted to broilers with functions that enable systematic monitoring and effective control of production.

These production modules can monitor animals' daily gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio (FCR), water and feed consumption ratio, and mortality.

Changes in water consumption can indicate an outbreak of a disease and water waste, increased temperature in the house, or poor feed. In cases of an outbreak of a disease or increased temperature in the house, the animals' water intake will increase.

It is crucial for broiler producers to know the animals' weight to monitor and control their productivity.

To control animal behavior means providing them the right amount of light in the right places at the right time.


  • Continuously monitoring and controlling the production
  • Advanced feed program securing optimal FCR/PEF
  • Water monitoring and control – quick reaction in case of irregularities
  • Light control for good animal welfare



Essentials in production monitoring for poultry

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