A new finisher farm has shortened production time
Case from South Korea

Mr. Lee from Lee N. Farm recently finalized the build of his new finisher farm in South Korea. The new finisher farm comprises four houses fully equipped with SKOV ventilation and farm management system – designed for optimal animal welfare and production results.
Each house has four sections containing 450 pigs ranging between 34 kg and 120 kg.

The system

The four houses are ventilated with low power ventilation – an LPV+ system. This system is ideal in the South Korean climate, where the hot and humid conditions during summertime make it essential to have a good ventilation system. Outside hot air is sucked in by the BF 50 BlueFans, so it passes through cooling pads before entering the attic space above the ceiling. The air then enters the area with pigs through ceiling inlets at the edge of the room.
During wintertime, the ventilation is set to a minimum to ensure a fresh flow of air while maintaining a good room temperature without draughts.
The DOL 634 climate controller manages the climate in the house 24/7, and with alarm and emergency openings installed, the farm manager does not have to worry about unexpected power failures.

In addition to the new houses, Mr. Lee has also chosen to install FarmOnline from SKOV. With FarmOnline, he can get real-time data on his production while sitting in front of his PC in the farm office. Or even on his mobile phone when he is on the go. Another great feature of FarmOnline is that SKOV can be granted access to the data if assistance is needed from the service department or a production specialist from SKOV.

A great difference

The first pigs arrived a month ago, in June, and even though the weather was very hot and humid, Mr. Lee instantly saw how comfortable the pigs were in their new houses. Mr. Lee noted that the pigs are well ahead of his previous performance indicators and predicts they will reach the target weight of 120 kg two weeks earlier than his previous production cycles.

What’s next?

Mr. Lee is very pleased with his new pig houses and has already, in collaboration with SKOV and our South Korean partner, Farmplus, started the construction of a new unit for 1 000 sows with 30 kg production called Rich World Farm.

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