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The LPV+ system is a classic negative pressure system used for ventilation of pig production facilities. The system is intended for hot climatic zones of the world.

In an LPV+ system, the ceiling inlets supply fresh air. During cold periods, fresh air is mixed with the housing air before it reaches the area occupied by the pigs. The air is taken in via a well-insulated attic space. It ensures that the air is not unnecessarily heated before it enters the livestock house.

During the hot periods, the ceiling inlets open fully and direct the air straight down to the pigs. The ceiling inlet is designed to create maximum air velocity during hot periods. It results in air circulation around the pigs, and they are cooled without perceiving the increased air circulation as a draught.

If cooling is required, the air can enter the attic space via cooling pads. Alternatively, you can install high-pressure cooling in connection with the ceiling inlet in hot and dry climates.


  • Uniform climate all year round for the pigs
  • Correct pen behavior in the hot periods
  • High productivity all year
  • Ceiling inlet placement according to pen layout
  • Low energy and heat consumption



Essentials in an LPV+ ventilation system

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