Minimum risk of draught discomforts

Combi-Diffuse ventilation is a negative pressure system for pig production in the temperate parts of the world.

The Combi-Diffuse system consists of a ceiling made of special ceiling panels that have an open surface structure. The negative pressure causes the air to enter through the open structure. The ceiling panels reduce the air velocity, ensuring there are no draught discomforts for the animals during cold periods.

During warm periods, ceiling inlets provide extra ventilation. The ceiling inlets are designed to create maximum air velocity during hot periods. It results in air circulation around the pigs, and they are cooled without perceiving the increased air circulation as a draught.


  • Optimal livestock house climate without exceeding threshold values for temperature, humidity, and harmful gases
  • Minimum risk of draught discomforts during cold periods
  • Sufficient air velocity and cooling effect during hot periods
  • Control of air direction, volume, and speed during hot periods
  • Low power consumption



Essentials in a Combi-Diffuse ventilation system

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