DA 65-600 chill unit
Optimum air velocity and air distribution

DA 65-600 chill unit recirculates the housing air to provide an optimum air velocity and air distribution in poultry houses. The DA 65-600 chill unit is used in an LPV or a Combi-Tunnel system operating in side mode.

The DA 65-600 chill unit is used at high outside temperatures when the animals need to be cooled by the cooling effect of the air velocity. The 65-600 chill unit provides an increased air velocity in the animal zone and better air distribution in the entire house.

The fan thus creates a pleasant climate and contributes to healthy and productive animals. You can prevent heat stress, and productivity is maintained using the recirculation fans.

The DA 65-600 chill unit is customized for the harsh house environment.


  • Air circulation at a wider range – fewer units to blow over long distances
  • High-quality, durable materials and stands high-pressure cleaning
  • Manually or power-driven elevation to facilitate the cleaning of the house
  • The built-in fan has stepless control


Recirculation fan

Technical Information:


Installation examples

Chill unit, Poland

Case story - Bromargo, Poland

Bromargo, one of Poland's leading poultry businesses, installed DA 65-600 chill units in their wide houses and experienced a more uniform climate.

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DA 65-600 chill unit

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