Equal pressure
Full control of air intake and air outlet

The equal pressure system is a ventilation system used for pig production facilities. The system is intended for temperate regions of the world and can be adapted to most livestock buildings.

In an equal pressure system, roof inlets supply the fresh air, and the outlet is conducted through chimneys, both with active fans that create a neutral pressure.

It can be advantageous to install an equal pressure system in monoblock houses or if livestock buildings are positioned closely together. The same applies if the livestock house is situated in areas subject to strong winds.

In cold areas, the recirculation aspects of the roof inlets also help to save on heating costs. Pigs are susceptible to cold airflows. In the design of these intake chimneys, you have the opportunity to make use of recirculation fans. The recirculation fans mix the housing air with the fresh incoming. This way, the air is preconditioned before being directed down to the pigs.

The intake and exhaust units are adjusted according to the Dynamic MultiStep principle, which substantially reduces the power consumption.


  • Exact control of the ventilation capacity and thus the climate.
  • Suited for monoblock houses, where you cannot use wall inlets
  • Suited for non-sealed houses, for instance, old leaky houses
  • Preventing cold air from plunging directly down to the pigs
  • Robust system in wintertime where recirculation helps save on heating costs



Essentials in an equal pressure ventilation system

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