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Optimal livestock climate all year round

Many factors have influence on your herd's productivity. Modern and efficient pig production requires an inclusive overview and optimum conditions for the animals. House climate is important for animal growth, and the animals will only give optimum yield if a number of parameters are in order. SKOV supplies ventilation systems for all production types and climatic conditions, meaning that a SKOV system ensures the best climate for your animals.​

Ventilation​​ system for the temperate parts of the world

SKOV's LPV system is a classic low-pressure system for use in pig production, which can be adapted to most pig houses. The system is developed for the temperate parts of the world and comprises a number of components which together ensure optimal climate conditions for the animals.


A complete LPV system with heating, cooling and alarm system 

The system

All animals have different climate requirements during their life cycle. An LPV ventilation system ensures precise adjustment of temperature, air humidity, air velocity, etc. Fresh air is supplied to the house means of either wall, ceiling or roof inlets and the climate is regulated by adjusting the speed by which the air is supplied to the house, among other things. In order to extract the used air out of the house, SKOV has developed an aerodynamic chimney with the most energy-efficient fan on the market, which is regulated by a modern house computer. SKOV’s house computer contains all necessary functions for regulating the house climate with consideration for the animals’ climate requirements, while also being easy to operate.​


Extension options

According to need, the LPV system can be expanded to include both heating and cooling systems, just as an alarm and emergency opening system can be established and air cleaning and FarmOnline®, which is SKOV's farm management system, can be added.


See a presentation of the LPV system​ 
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A ​negative-pressure system for all types of pig production

Combi-Diffuse ventilation is a negative pressure system for pig production that is only used in the temperate parts of the world.


A finisher house with Combi-Diffuse system

The system

In a Combi-Diffuse system, the ceiling is clad with special ceiling plates with an open surface structure through which the air is sucked in accordance with the negative pressure in the house. The ceiling plates reduce the air velocity, ensuring there are no draught nuisances for the animals in cold periods. During warm periods, air inlets in the shape of ceiling inlets provide supplementary ventilation.

The SKOV Combi-Diffuse ventilation system ensures:​

  • Optima​l house climate with no exceeding of values for temperature, humidity, and harmful gases in the house.​ 
  • ​Minimum risk of draught nuisances during cold periods.

  • Sufficient air velocity and cooling effect during hot periods.

  • Control of air direction, quantity and velocity during hot periods.

  • Low power consumption.​

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Equal pressure
Ventilation system especially suited for monoblock houses​

Equal pressure ventilation is used in temperate climatic zones and is suited for all kinds of animal production, particularly monoblock houses, where wall inlets are not in use or in areas with strong winds.


The equal pressure system in a finisher house

The system

In an equal pressure system, fresh air is directed into the house using sturdy roof inlets where adjustable nozzles ensure optimum air distribution in the house. The air is extracted through the SKOV chimney by means of a fan. The energy-efficient and powerful fans in the roof inlet and the chimney ensure neutral pressure (equal pressure), controlled by the SKOV house computer. An equal pressure system can be extended with, inter alia, alarm system, cooling and heating system, farm management system, and air cleaning.

SKOV’s equal pressure ventilation system ensures:

  • ​​Perfect air distribution in the livestock house​
  • Constant, neutral pressure in the livestock house, ensuring uniform ventilation
  • Sufficient air velocity and a cooling effect during hot periods
  • Powerful and sturdy fan in both roof inlet and chimney 
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Ventilation system for the subtropical parts of the world

The SKOV Tunnel system was developed for pig houses in the subtropical parts of the world, experiencing constant heat and with a need to lower the temperature. 


A finisher livestock house with tunnel ventilation

The system

In a Tunnel system, the air inlet is placed at the side or the house end and is clad with cooling pads or installed with high pressure cooling. There are several types of air inlets for a tunnel system, and they can further be supplemented by cooling systems in the form of cooling pads or high pressure cooling. To create an airflow in the house, i.e. cooling for the animals, gable fans are installed at the opposite end. In other words, the air velocity cools the animals, and the higher the velocity, the lower does the temperature feel. This is all controlled by a house computer that manages the ventilation system based on a series of inputs and settings. The computer is easy to use and includes all necessary functions.

Extension options

A Tunnel system can be augmented with an alarm system, heating, and farm management.​

All-weather system

The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system is a negative pressure system for pig houses. The system has been developed for tropical and subtropical climate zones with daily and seasonal fluctuations of temperature. The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system combines our LPV and our Tunnel system and ensures optimum growth conditions for the animals even at very high outdoor temperatures.​ 


A complete Combi-Tunnel system with pad cooling and alarm system​​

The system

A Combi-Tunnel system incorporates two air inlet types. The type used depending on the climate outside the livestock house. During colder periods, wall or ceiling inlets are used, whereas very warm periods see the use of large tunnel doors placed at one end of the house. The tunnel doors are supplied either with cooling pads or high pressure cooling in order to cool the incoming air before it reaches the animal area. The air exhaustion in a Combi-Tunnel system also depends on the outside temperature. The SKOV aerodynamic chimney with energy-efficient fans sucks air out of the house, but when the outside temperature is very high, air is sucked out through very large gable fans installed at the opposite end of the tunnel door. This creates a cooling airflow through the house, lowering the house temperature and ensuring that the animals do not get too hot in spite of the high outside temperatures.


The Combi-Tunnel system is controlled by the intelligent SKOV house computer, adjusting the climate on the basis of the temperature experienced by the animals,ensuring optimum conditions for the animals under conditions characterised by frequent and substantial temperature variations.The house computer is modular and can be adapted to the individual production. The system can be extended with alarm and emergency opening, heating, farm management, and air cleaning.

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Climate and farm management for pig production 

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