Ventilation with air filtration
Improved biosecurity

The ventilation system with air filtration is used for ventilation of pig production facilities. The system is intended for temperate regions of the world, and it can be adapted to most livestock buildings.

Positive pressure ventilation characterizes the solution. It ensures that the air enters the livestock house through filters and not via leaks in the building. It is a real risk in livestock houses with negative pressure ventilation, especially in connection with older livestock houses.

If the ventilation system is located in hot areas that require cooling, it is possible to cool the air using the pad or high-pressure cooling.

A fundamental element of SKOV's systems is that fresh air is forced into the attic space through filters. Ceiling inlets distribute the air from the attic space into the livestock house.

The air is let out via the exhaust units or wall fans, without motors and fan blades, as the positive pressure in the livestock house pushes the air out via these air outlets.


  • Minimized risk of all types of airborne viruses
  • Positive pressure system that prevents unfiltered, ventilated air from entering the house
  • Optimal distribution of air in the house section via ceiling inlets
  • Same good growth conditions for all animals
  • An overall system solution from one supplier - dimensioning, installation and operation
  • Possibility to divide the livestock house into sections in the traditional manner



Essentials in an air filtration solution

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