Improve the climate in your tunnel-ventilated house

Tunnel-Plus is intended for the floor production of birds in a tropical climate.

Tunnel-Plus has been developed especially for producing birds on the floor in a tropical climate. Compared with a standard Tunnel system, it significantly upgrades the birds’ welfare and growing condition in these areas.

The principle of a Tunnel-Plus system is that it uses air jet ventilation via wall inlets for small birds. Tunnel ventilation is used for large birds and at high outside temperatures. You achieve air velocities among the animals, ensuring a high cooling effect when required.


Compared to a standard Tunnel system, a Tunnel-Plus system

  • Reduces temperature differences throughout the entire length of the building in cool/cold periods
  • Ensures even distribution of the birds in the building resulting in the same good growing conditions
  • Reduces the need for brooding areas



Essentials in a Tunnel-Plus ventilation system

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